Brian Tome: Move, The Man Devotional: 66 Prompts to Kick Your Rear Into Gear

Why do men struggle to have potent spiritual lives? Maybe it's because no one is talking directly to them. Pastor and best-selling author Brian Tome had read a lot of good devotionals, but none had a masculine voice, speaking to the nitty gritty things men are actually wrestling with. So he took inventory of the things that came up again and again in his conversations with other guys, and put pen to paper. MOVE: 66 Prompts to Kick Your Rear Into Gear isn't your grandpa's devotional. Tome challenges men to take ownership of their lives, not just by learning more facts about God, but by acting.

Each day includes a scripture, a devotion and story from Brian, a prayer, and 2 challenges to push you off your spiritual couch. If you're tired of the status quo and want to have a life of spiritual potency, this is the book for you.

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