Chad Prather – AM I CRAZY?: An Unapologetic Patriot Takes on the Insanity of Today’s Woke World

"Chad is a verbal cannon with common sense." — Glenn Beck

“This book is classic Chad Prather, which is to say insightful, manly, funny—absolute must read!” — Dinesh D’Souza

"The World needs Chad Prather more than ever. He's a throwback to a saner and more fun-loving America. His rants are OUR rants." — Charlie Kirk

“In a time when we are constantly lectured by powerful elites, Chad Prather brings a much needed common sense sanity to the political landscape. I unapologetically endorse this patriot.” — Dave Rubin

Chad Prather — “a modern-day Will Rogers” — is just your friendly neighborhood cowboy philosopher, gazing into the sweet tea leaves at the bottom of his cowboy hat, pondering a most fundamental question: “Am I crazy? Or is the world crazy…?” Chad finds life amusing, baffling, sometimes heartwarming, and downright interesting, and wants to share personal stories and witty observations on the hasty growth of insanity within the folds of society, and inspire critical thinking about the state of our modern culture.

In this series of humorous essays — reminiscent of the rants he is famous for doing from his truck in Texas — Chad takes on all the problems he has with the modern age, and also talks about some of the problems that we have with each other. Problems with kids, problems with spouses, problems with our bosses at work, and of course problems with all those other jackwagons we work with. What are some of the basic things you need to know if you’re going to survive marriage and parenthood? Whatever happened to decency, hard work, and a sharing of the basic values that made us great in the first place? When did it become unfashionable to believe in God, to go to church on Sunday, or to send our “thoughts and prayers” toward those having a difficult time? When did it become child abuse to spank your kids, instead of child abuse to avoid it? Why do we have such visceral reactions to politics when — by and large — we know so little about how it actually works? When is social media going to finally stop messing around and just bring the full-on possession? And why is it that, as we march further and further along the road of progress — growing our collective knowledge and technological means of dealing with life along the way — we seem to be regressing socially at an equally break-neck pace?

AM I CRAZY?: An Unapologetic Patriot Takes on the Insanity of Today’s Woke World explores human misbehavior and stupidity in all its naked splendor with laugh-out-loud humor.


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