Charles Davies: Getting Trump: How the Media is Hurting Itself Chasing The Donald

Since he decided to run for President, Donald Trump has dominated the news cycle. He has obviously been used to media attention, and used to enjoy a good relationship with some journalists and reporters from his time on "The Apprentice," and prior to this with his business dealings. However, the mood changed when he decided to run for President, with all of the mainstream media and public figures insisting he would never win. His campaign was seen as a joke and, at every turn, the media were waiting for his run to come to an end. When he became the GOP nominee, it became more of a reality that he would enter The White House, and the media went into full attack, seemingly obsessed with trying to prevent this at all costs. The media has been completely captivated with him, covering his tweets, and every odd remark. He also knew how to use this to his advantage, as any publicity is good publicity. In spite of their incessant negative coverage, he managed to win the election. So, then they turned their attention to trying to bring him down and, at the time of writing, there seems to be no let up from this onslaught.

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