Chris Lowney: On the Ignatian Way: A Pilgrimage in the Footsteps of Saint Ignatius of Loyola

The Ignatian Way is connected with the thousand-year-old tradition of making pilgrimages. In 1521 Ignatius of Loyola decided to change his life, and to do that he became a pilgrim, setting out for Jerusalem. Ignatius the pilgrim lived radically: seeking reconciliation, with austerity, on foot, being open to interior transformation and a deep encounter with God. Ignatius was a pilgrim of his time, and today in this work we join with the pilgrims of all times on this new route.

In the castle of the Loyola family was a young Ignatius with his body badly wounded from war, but his heart ardent, hoping to recuperate and to remake his life. That is where it all began: What should I do now? What is the true path to happiness? Should I pursue a future in the King’s court? Ignatius had reached a crisis. Sixteenth-century questions that we have today as well.

This book was written as a guide to offer Ignatius’ experience to modern pilgrims. In it the pilgrim will find accounts by various modern pilgrims and guidance by which to plan and to have your own spiritually transforming experience, following the lead of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises. Every pilgrim can use these instructions freely and create your own way, since, as Ignatius tells us, the most fundamental thing is to come into contact with our inner source of light and happiness, our Creator who seeks also to encounter his Creation. The testimonies collected here help us to understand the Ignatius Way as an interior way of healing, conversion and freedom.

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