Clark Kendall: Middle-Class Millionaire

The phrase "middle class" means different things to different people. Surprisingly, so does the term "Millionaire."

The middle class - households that earn a yearly income above the poverty line but fall shy of the upper class - make up most of the U.S. population. They come from all walks of life, hold various types of jobs, and lead vastly different lives, but one thing is the same: they work hard to live well, and without realizing it, may be on the path toward becoming a millionaire.

In this day and age, millionaires aren't as rare as they used to be. By the time they retire, many people have amassed at least one million dollars of net worth - including the value of their home(s), cars, financials, and other assets. By living within their means, saving well, and spending wisely, members of the middle class can soon be part of a group that is growing by the day: the middle-class millionaire®.

In this informative and comprehensive guide, Clark Kendall, CEO and founder of investment management firm Kendall Capital, shows you how to secure your financial future with the ins and outs of short- and long-term saving, spending, and investing.

Living well in the years up to retirement and beyond depends on your financial preparedness. Let Middle-Class Millionaire help get you there.

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