Dan Gordon: Field of Screams: Haunted Tales From The Baseball Diamond, The Locker Room, And Beyond

Baseball and ghost stories are as American as apple pie.

Enjoy both in this unique collection of otherworldly yarns.

From the authors of the popular Haunted Baseball comes this all-new collection of spooky stories from ballplayers, stadium personnel, umpires, front-office staff, and fans, exploring the sometimes amusing and often eerie connection between baseball and the paranormal. The haunting of Yankee Stadium, the ghost of Babe Ruth, and inexplicable encounters at the Hall of Fame are among the many tales herein. While spotlighting numerous major leage teams, Field of Screams also includes minor league ballparks, hotels, and baseball memorabilia, and concludes with a look at major league pranks that players indulge in to spook one another.

Featuring Major Leaugers Like:

Torii Hunter: "People say when you go in [Yankee Stadium] you just have this chill that you're going to lose. Like the ghosts are whispering in your ear the whole time you're walking to the clubhouse, to the dugout, on the field."

Tim Lincecum: "I'm not answering that door! If it's a ghost or a real person, I'm not answering it!"

Roy Halladay: "I don't know what it was, but I called the front desk to change rooms."

Adrian Beltre: "It was haunted, man. I'm dead serious. I was real scared."

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