Dave E. Cole: What The Church Can Learn From Harley-Davidson

Re-examine What It Is To Be a Christ-Follower

SERVING JESUS should be an outward-focused adventure. Unfortunately, many churches have become inward-focused over time and have lost the ability to connect with the culture of today. Just as many people are afraid of riding motorcycles, some church attenders are afraid of making relationships with people who live and act differently. This disconnect tends to show a judgmental attitude from the Church towards others.

The Harley-Davidson story is a great example of an organization that accepts anyone who comes in the door. Outlaw Bikers, Rich Urban Bikers, and those in between are treated the same when they enter the Harley-Davidson Dealerships. Their acceptance and lack of judgement gives bikers the gift of belonging. Isn t this what the church should be about? Take this journey with us as you explore what the Church can learn from Harley Davidson.

-Dave and Debbie Col

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