David Giammona & Troy Anderson: Military Guide to Armageddon

We are at war right now. The forces of light and darkness are lined up in battle array as the world moves closer to the end of the age. Using both military and spiritual warfare tactics, this U.S. Army colonel and Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist equip you as a believer to be battle-ready. This training manual will teach you to - be empowered to counter the darkness of approaching end-times forces - develop your spiritual gifts so you can walk in the supernatural power and protection of the Holy Spirit - move into a new level of spiritual warfare based on biblical and military principles - study the Bible more intently as real-time world events and biblical prophecies intersect As the end times draw near, prepare to be fully equipped and trained in the weapons of spiritual warfare. You are gifted by the Holy Spirit--now be empowered, disciplined, and courageous, ready to do battle with the forces of this present darkness in these last days.

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