David Murrow: Drowning in Screen Time: A Lifeline for Adults, Parents, Teachers, and Ministers Who Want to Reclaim Their Real Lives

Between Zoom meetings, online classes, social media, gaming, and binge-watching TV series, humans now spend most of their free time submerged in screen life - and that’s taking a toll on real life.

The good news is there’s a way back. Best-selling author David Murrow provides a rescue plan for parents, adults, teachers, and ministers who want to help others (or themselves) achieve screen-life/real-life balance.

Built around five simple parables, Drowning in Screen Time shows you what screens are doing to your family and relationships, why screen content is so addictive, and how to find freedom and confidence in real life.

Full of positive, practical ideas, it will teach you how to keep your digital head above water.

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