David Wakeen: 9/11 and the World Today

An Insider’s View: Restoring Individual Freedom and Liberty What has happened to our world? Despite once being the beacon of freedom and hope, America has slowly withered into a nation of corrupt character and chaos, a nation the Founding Fathers would hardly recognize. Politicians fight like petty children calling each other names and fail to provide the people a safe and sane environment. Instead, we live in a world fit for an insane asylum and filled with too much hate, death, and war. 9/11 AND THE WORLD TODAY discusses the methods used to enslave humanity and deprive us all of a more fulfilling life, free from an over-reaching federal government. This work presents details about secretive relations, international agreements, and government policies that ensure most of the world’s population remains in a state of diminished human capacity. Rather than demanding that our governments uplift civilization, we consent to a world filled with continual war, chaos, and suffering which ensures the wealthy and powerful retain their advantages and wealth while the rest of us live in a world full of struggle and injustice. The solution for a better civilization lies within each of us. It is time for us to take action and free ourselves from the chains of enslavement that collectively bind us. Read 9/11 AND THE WORLD TODAY and help change the course of humanity before it’s too late!

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