David Yuzuk – The Giant Killer: American hero, mercenary, spy … The incredible true story of the smallest man to serve in the U.S. Military—Green Beret Captain Richard J. Flaherty

— Doug Stanton, #1 New York Times bestselling author

"You are holding in your hands an amazing journey into a world of puzzles, intrigue, and mystery. Giant Killers are among us-- author David Yuzuk walked with one and returned with this tale.”

Richard J. Flaherty’s been called spook, assassin, dope smuggler, dwarf… but who was he really?

“Ask too many questions,” said Flaherty, “and it could be bad for your career and dangerous to my health.” Eight hours later, he was dead.

Welcome to the strange and shadowy world of covert ops, cover-ups, conspiracies and the most unconventional man ever to serve in the US military.

At 4' 9" tall, Richard J. Flaherty needed a Congressional waiver just to enlist in the Army as he did not meet the height or weight requirements. Bullied and ridiculed at boot camp, Flaherty nonetheless achieved the kind of stature that’s only dreamed of: He became a Green Beret Captain earning the Silver Star, 2 Bronze and 2 Purple Hearts.

His decommission in 1971 was unexpected and devastating, and Flaherty sank into the murky world of mercenary work. But he gained a reputation for intelligence, and the CIA recruited him to supply the Contras in Central America. So began a wild adventure involving guns, cash, cocaine and HALO jumps into the Everglades. All of that ends when he’s arrested for possession. Abandoned by the CIA, Flaherty discloses a weapons smuggling ring at the heart of Fort Bragg and signs on to work undercover for a new master, the ATF.

Author and police officer David Yuzuk befriended Richard J. Flaherty in 1999, when Flaherty was living homeless on the streets of Aventura, Florida. He warned Yuzuk that asking too many questions could be bad for Yuzuk’s career and dangerous to his own health. Sure enough, eight hours after Yuzuk made a call to confirm Flaherty’s identity, Flaherty was killed in a hit-and-run.

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