Deborah Miller: Teacher, Do You Love Me?

Teacher, Do You Love Me? examines 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 through the lens of teaching and learning. Each chapter unpacks a word or phrase from "Love is Patient" to "Love Always Perseveres" using stories, definitions, research, Biblical references, and illustrations to help educators understand and apply the various aspects of the Love is and Love is Not's outlined in the book's key passage, 1 Cor. 13:4-8. Readers are encouraged to examine what each facet of love means and to apply the insights gleaned to the classroom and school communities. This book will inform and inspire educators to love in a way that will transform lives.


Those of us who know Jesus have read the "Love Chapter" many times. We have put those words on bulletin boards as we celebrate Valentine's Day and heard them recited at almost every wedding ceremony. They speak to us. Deborah takes us to a deeper level of understanding as she challenges us through research, word genealogies, and her own life experiences, to look again at how we love. For the teacher who wants deeper joy, more meaning, and a greater impact on the hearts of his/her students, this is the book to read -slowly and thoughtfully, allowing the Holy Spirit to do His work. Teacher, Do You Love Me? promises to be nothing less than life-changing.

-Debbie Schindler, Head of School, Pacific Christian Academy.

Dr. Deborah J. Miller's book offers new insights into an ancient but living text. She mines 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 on behalf of educators and uncovers the richness of God's Word as she applies it to the reality of life as a teacher or administrator. She is open and transparent. She does not shy away from challenging the reader to live fully for the Lord.

You will enjoy and benefit from Dr. Miller's writing if you read it on your own, but I encourage you to read it with a group, chapter by chapter, and discuss the Word, the stories, and the lessons learned. The entire group will benefit as you gain a fresh perspective about yourself and each other as educators. Even better, you will better understand God's love for you and your students.

-Cecil Swetland, Ed.D., ACSI Western Division Director.

About the Author:

Dr. Deborah J.A. Miller serves as an educational consultant working with Christian schools on various topics from mission development and implementation to board training and teacher professional development. She has worked in Christian education since 1986 serving as a teacher from grade 5 to post-graduate programs, founded and ran a college teacher education program, served as a school administrator and a regional director for a major Christian association, and speaks nationally and internationally. Her passion is to inspire and equip Christian educators to fulfill their calling with excellence as a way to worship and glorify God.

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