Denise Pass: Make Up Your Mind: Unlock Your Thoughts, Transform Your Life


Every day we fight battle after battle in our mind―many times unaware of the real fight at hand and wind up defeated, as if we cannot win the battle of our own mind. It’s our own mind, but we can struggle to make it up. Negative mindsets limit our existence by keeping us bound in habits and attitudes unless we know how to break free of them.

Our mindsets matter. Sadly, when people operate their lives caving to unhealthy mindsets, they live defeated lives lacking joy and peace stemming from negative thought patterns.

In Make Up Your Mind, the reader will learn about the root behind common mental battles, focus in on ten key negative mindsets and learn how to overcome them using Scripture and real-life solutions as we adopt the mind of Christ. Each chapter includes a devotional application section and a "Counselor's Corner" section featuring licensed counselor Michelle Nietert.

Readers of Make Up Your Mind will:

• Solve the subconscious pain that shackles your soul.

• Resolve to renew your mind and release common mindset struggles.

• Dissolve discouragement and discover delight again.

• Absolve ourselves from thoughts absorbed in self.

“Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts” (Proverbs 4:23, GNT).


Readers will gain practical tips and biblical insight to fight the battle of the mind and adopt new ways of thinking. Offers real solutions to help people change and live in a productive mindset. Reveals common triggers to these mindsets and provides keys to overcome them.


Chapter 1: Why are You Here?

Chapter 2: The Angry Mindset-Battling Bitterness & Unforgiveness

Chapter 3: The Anxious Mindset-Battling Fear…& Restoring Peace

Chapter 4: The Depressive…Battling Discouragement & Disillusionment

Chapter 5: The Discontented Mindset-Battling Comparison & Pride

Chapter 6: The Doubtful Mindset-Battling Unbelief & Hopelessness

Chapter 7: The Helpless Mindset-Battling Apathy and Weakness

Chapter 8: The Hurried Mindset-Battling Overcommitment & Margin

Chapter 9: The Lonely Mindset-Battling Grief and Isolation

Chapter 10: The Scarcity Mindset-Battling Covetousness and Lust

Chapter 11: The Victim Mindset-Battling Insecurity and Rejection The Mind of Christ.

Chapter 12: The Mind of Christ

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