Dr Bob Reccord: Ending The Cycle of Father Wounds

Wounds happen in all kinds of relationships, but perhaps none are more potentially damaging that those caused by "friendly fire" from those closest to us. Many times they are the result of lack of emotional engagement, harsh--or absent--words, lack of expressed love and pride, or criticism. When they come from a father, step-dad, or major father-figure they leave a lot of collateral damage.

Sadly, much of that damage, can be passed on to succesive generations and families if they are not healed. Speaking to several hundred thousand people in the last decade I have found that many admit to carry Father Wounds. Among men, the percentage to be as high as 70-75% in an average audience, whether it numbered 100 or 10,000. Men ofter try to avoid the admission of, let alone the confronting of, Father Wounds.

But why do Father Wounds occur and how does someone effectively address them? What developments in our culture's history have contributed to the emergence of Father Wounds? How did so many men who become fathers, step-dads and grandfathers get wounded themselves? In Fathering, what is a child needs most from their dad or step-dad? How do you know if Father Wounds have affected your own life?

These questions, and more are addressed in ENDING THE CYCYLE OF FATHER WOUNDS. Additionally, you'll find a self-administered Father Wounds Assessment Tool which you can use to help determine if Father Wounds play a role in your history, so that you may take helpful steps to assure they don't negatively impact your future.

You'll also find helpful steps you can take to begin to heal the "infections of Father Wounds" as well as insights for preventing them in the future.

This book can be a helpful resource to have handy in every family, and especially for every dad, step-dad and grandfather!

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