Dr Gerard Lameiro: Real World Socialism

Real World Socialism is dedicated to millions of Americans and millions more people around the world who want to understand socialism. Dr. Lameiro hopes that they can avoid the pain and suffering, poverty and destitution, torture and murder that millions have suffered under the various forms of socialism in the last 300 years.


Socialism seems to be one of the hottest political issues in America. It is promoted by some politicians with grandiose visions, by some in the media, by some in colleges and universities, by some in Hollywood, and by some in the world of high tech and social media. Selected polls even suggest America is increasingly moving toward accepting socialism. To many, socialist rhetoric seduces them into believing that it might offer a better future without any evidence to back it up. But, ironically, many Americans don’t realize the real history and the true realities of socialism.

Real World Socialism is a comprehensive, tour de force of the history of socialism, including the many variations and names it has taken on over the centuries, as well as how socialism has failed miserably in both theory and practice. It also highlights the reasons socialists argue for socialist planning and policies, and why those arguments collapse in the real world. Real World Socialism also presents the main powerful reasons why freedom, free markets, and capitalism are far superior to socialism.

Despite the many different variations and attempts at socialism over about 300 years, Real World Socialism identifies the five characteristics usually found in socialist countries and policies. In an extensive review of socialism, Dr. Lameiro starts with the early socialist thinkers, moves into some of the eighteenth and nineteenth century attempts at using socialist ideas, and then covers a range of socialist governments in the twentieth century, including:

  • “Scandinavian Socialism” – Welfare States Funded by Capitalism
  • Venezuelan Socialism, Democratic Socialism, and Chavez
  • The Russian Revolution, Communism, and Lenin and Stalin
  • National Socialism (Nazism) in Germany, and Hitler
  • Kibbutzim Socialist Communities and the Jewish Resettlement in Palestine
  • British Labour Party, Social Democracy, Democratic Socialism, and Attlee
  • British Labour Party, Designer Socialism, Christian Socialism, and Blair

Importantly, Real World Socialism points out that because some socialists and communists appear to desire changing America from a Constitutional Republic endowed with a Bill of Rights and considerable freedoms, to a new form of government – a socialist and possibly even a communist country, it’s reasonable to expect that they might develop a detailed strategy and a specific set of plans to accomplish that objective. Real World Socialism presents a potential eight point strategy that socialists might follow to fundamentally change America.

"Nobody understands socialism better than Dr. Lameiro. Anyone who wants to save our country or those that proclaim the wonders of socialism need to read this book, before our beloved land of freedom and opportunity is dismantled … It's not too late, as Dr. Lameiro provides a road map ensuring that we will remain a beacon of freedom for future generations and the world." – ERSKINE, Nationally Syndicated Talk Radio Host

"I think that Real World Socialism should be the primary textbook in any class on world history, economics and government policy." — MARK HAHN, Drive Time Live, KSCJ, Sioux City, IA

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