Dr Miles Jones: Messianic Church Arising!: Volume Two – Sons of Zion vs Sons of Greece

Messianic Church Arising! Volume Two of Sons of Zions versus Sons of Greece

Dr. Jones has uncovered the earliest Hebrew manuscripts of the Gospels - and authenticated their first century origin! The initial translation of The Hebrew Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John - reveal a new depth of knowledge of our Hebrew Messiah - Yeshua Ha Mashiach. Heretofore, everything we know about our Hebrew Messiah has come down to us through the Greek filter of a different language, culture, and thought. Sons of Zion reveals a secret power given to the Hebrews upon Mt. Sinai, and transferred in some degree to the Greeks. The subsequent history of the transmission of the Word has been the story of the war between the Sons of Zion vs Sons of Greece. The Hebrew Gospels were carefully preserved, and spread, by the original Messianic Church. Both The Hebrew Gospels and the Messianic Church were targeted for extinction by the Greco-Roman Church of Constantine. (Vol. One - Sons of Zion vs Sons of Greece)

The greatest story never told - continues in Volume Two! The Heb rew Gospels and the Messianic Church had been targeted for extinction - yet they survived and spread! The Hebrew Gospels appeared again in Medieval Spain along with the resurgence of the Messianic Church among the converted Jews. By the hundreds of thousands Jews converted to Christianity - many were forced - but most converted of their own free will. They shared the same educational traditions as the Jews. They believed the Hebrew story of the Hebrew Messiah should be preserved in the holy tongue - Hebrew. The Hebrew Gospels still survived. They were translated into The Catalan Gospels and also the Shem Tov Hebrew Matthew. A Hebrew Manuscript Tradition survives showing The Hebrew Gospels were translated into other early languages of Europe. The Spanish Inquisition was implemented to crush the resurgent Messianic Church! All over Europe and elsewhere the Messianic Church had spread. Pursued by the Inquisition, these Neo-Messianics became the Underground Church and went by many names. There were differences in doctrine but always and everywhere the goal was to restore the original Messianic-Apostolic Church of the first century. They preserved The Received Text of the Bible outside of the grasp of the Greco-Roman Church. Many thousands of Messianic believers were tortured and slain. They were never extinguished. Survivors fled to neighboring regions where new churches sprang up. The Neo-Messianic Movement - although mostly Gentile now - had mingled with the blood of the early Jewish Christians. The Reformation Bibles were recovered from this source. Within thirty years of their recovery - two thirds of Europe became Protestant! The Messianic Movement spread to the New World. The Inquisition followed. Once again, they survived and The Hebrew Gospels & The Received Text of the Bible survived along with them!

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