Dr Myles Schneider : Restoring Health to Healthcare

America is facing a worsening healthcare crisis. Even though we spend more than twice the average per person on healthcare than any other industrialized country, we are still the sickest of them all. Americans are getting sicker at younger ages often with serious chronic diseases, which are responsible for about 75 percent of our healthcare expenditures. It is no wonder that our healthcare costs will only continue to balloon. The current system is unsustainable. It is time for a fundamentally different approach.

In his latest book, Restoring “Health” to HealthCare, Dr. Myles Schneiderlays out a unique and thorough plan for solving the crisis. Part 1 identifies the underlying cause of the problem and then describes the key parts of his solution that provides affordable, quality healthcare for all and exactly what the government, the insurance companies, and the healthcare professionals need to do to get this done.

It also shows how this can be accomplished without adding billions of dollars to our nation’s debt or increasing taxes or cutting Medicaid and Medicare services or reimbursements to healthcare providers or penalizing people if they chose not to purchase health insurance. Part 2 describes what each of us can do to help ourselves and our country, ending this major problem once and for all.

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