Dr Sean Wheeler: New Discovery For Chronic Back Pain

His zealous conclusion, in which [Dr. Wheeler] encourages readers to speak out to other patients, doctors, and even the insurance industry, should strike an inspiring chord for back pain sufferers. -Publishers Weekly

Decidedly well written so as to be fully accessible to the non-specialist general reader with an interest in...successfully managing and even eliminating chronic lower back pain, "UPRISE: Back Pain Liberation By Tuning Your Body Guitar" is as informed and informative as it is practical and immediately applicable. "UPRISE" is very highly recommended for personal, family, and academic library Health/Medicine reference collections and supplemental studies reading lists. -The Midwest Book Review

Dr. Sean Wheeler, a physician specializing in sports medicine and pain management, brings readers what he describes as "a revolution" in back pain management in this informative and encouraging book. -Booklife

Why Are Many Talking About This Book?

 "Dr. Wheeler's book presents interesting ideas challenging conventional thinking.  It is hoped that his sports medicine, outside the box approach contributes to positive movement in spinal health."
- James R. Andrews MDAndrews Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Center, and American Sports Medicine Institute

"Coaching Sean as a student-athlete in our football program at Kansas State University allowed me great insight into his capabilities.  This very precise, well-written, and passionate book, written for the benefit of others, does not surprise me.  UPRISE is meaningful and eye opening."
- Bill Snyder, Football Head Coach, Kansas State University

"UPRISE illuminates the challenges, causes, and solutions to back pain.  The medical explanations and the new vernacular Sean creates are easy to follow and more importantly, to remember.  I am impressed at how well Dr. Wheeler painted the picture of the body, how it is supposed to work, and how things get off balance."
- Lynne E. Litt, award-winning Television Writer and Producer, LOST

"UPRISE is a wonderful book.  Filling an important void in patient education options, it focuses patients on ownership of their condition as well as offering a firm basis for self-directed rehabilitation.  I also recommend this book for the practitioner who coordinates patient care as well as insurance caseworkers.  An important addition for anyone interested in pain management. "
Marc A. Valley MD, Medical Director, CIRCE Medical Services

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