Dr Steve Smith: Spirit Walk

The Holy Spirit is the Hidden Mover behind all personal life transformation and ministry fruitfulness. Though we know the Bible says to walk in the Spirit, the majority of Christians are illiterate (and frankly even nervous) about how to practically live in His power. The result is lives marred by continuing brokenness and ministries plagued by fruitlessness.
Jesus made the fullness of His presence in the form of the Spirit the foundation for the life He has called us to. Believers from Acts understood the ancient path of the Spirit Walk. That extraordinary power was not just for them, but for you also.
Field tested around the world, Spirit Walk has helped thousands of ordinary people shift from a fundamental reliance upon methods and strategies—though important—to the essential reliance upon the Spirit who empowers these. Spirit Walk reminds us of the ancient path the Bible teaches and explains it in a practical spiritual discipline: how to S.W.A.P. your control for God’s daily.
Surrender to His will and His every word
Wait on God in prayer
Avoid sin
Pursue the purpose and promptings of the Spirit
Discover how to start on the journey of being filled again and again by the Spirit. But more importantly, learn how to stay full of the Spirit as you abide in Christ throughout the day, and your life. The Spirit Walk must no longer be relegated to a small subset of Christianity but must become the standard operating procedure of ordinary believers again. The Spirit of Jesus is the key to all breakthroughs. Take the journey into the ancient path.

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