Dr Tim Murphy: The Christ Cure


A valuable guide for anyone dealing with PTSD, trauma and tragedy, family members of trauma victims, clergy who seek a better understanding of psychology, and for counselors who seek a better understanding of the role of faith in healing from trauma.

THE CHRIST CURE is comprehensive handbook of healing for victims of trauma and their families, guiding the reader through a unique path of true restoration, inspired by the life and works of the Apostle Paul (a survivor of multiple traumas), by modern day mentors, the humbling personal experiences of the author, Psychologist, Navy veteran and former Member of Congress Dr. Tim Murphy, and reinforced by solid scientific research.

Dr. Murphy’s book is a faith foundation guide for healing the psychological problems in the wake of trauma. Awakened by his own failures, the author grasped for ways out of his deep depression and re-discovered inspiration in the life and works of the Apostle Paul, who himself lived a life filled with major traumatic experiences. It offers new insights into how life threatening abuse, chronic stress and self-inflicted trauma affects us physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, and most importantly, how we can heal.

In the book, Dr. Murphy candidly describes his own fall from grace, his battle with depression and his humble confession that while he was trying to save the world he was losing his own soul; disconnecting from his faith and family. He walks the reader through his return to the Bible and his discovery of a great mentor for healing from trauma—the Apostle Paul.

Paul the Apostle suffered several dozen severe traumas including whippings, stoning, shipwrecks, trials, imprisonment, abandonment, and a looming death sentence. Modern psychological research suggests any one of these traumas should have been emotionally crippling for him. Instead, Paul grew stronger and more courageous. 

Unique to this book is the foundation of biblical pillars for healthy treatment of trauma all supported by research and scripture including fitness, sleep, healthy eating, healthy relaxation, resilience, resistance, recovery, and renewal. Within each stage the reader is challenged to choose between sets of dichotomies, one leading to healing, while the other worsens our problems. Throughout, the reader is empowered through their own suffering to become stronger in their relationships and faith: 

  • Building Strength instead of Weakness
  • Courage over Fear
  • Vigilance over Vulnerability
  • Hope over Despair
  • Guilt over Shame
  • Forgiveness over Condemnation
  • Acceptance of Faith, Trust, Grace and Mission

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) effects tens of millions with symptoms of depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, broken relationships, isolation, and suicidal thoughts. Current treatment approaches include counseling and medication, but this often leaves many still struggling in darkness for years. Here, readers are guided on a very different path lit by a beacon of faith. 

THE CHRIST CURE: 10 Biblical Ways to Heal Your Mind from Trauma, Tragedy, and PTSD provides much-need help and guidance to “the broken” from secular to scriptural; illustrated with inspirational stories of those who are winning their own battles.

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