Dr Warren Willey: Obtainable

Why is it so difficult to obtain that ultimate physique, feel good and full of energy, or lose those those last few pounds—and keep them off? Could modern diet and exercise programs be a big part of the problem, making it easy to go from fat to fit—and back to fat again?

As Dr. Willey reveals, you cannot over-exercise or under-eat your way to the body and energy you’ve always wanted. You need to know The Five Primary Tenants for Healthy Living revealed and applied in this book:

1. The HPA Axis and Effects of Cortisol2. Hormonal Health and Balance3. Gut Health and the Microbiome4. Toxins5. Oxidative Stress

Dr. Willey provides real-world ways to finally obtain the body and energy you’ve wanted by questioning the status quo and revealing the problems with modern diet and exercise recommendations. He provides compelling case studies to bring the Five Primary Tenants to life and uncovers exactly how to acquire that ultimate physique by finding balance in those five areas.

On that foundation, Dr. Willey lays out a common sense way for you to succeed—The RecoverMe Approach to holistic, healthy living based on diet, exercise, sleep, and supplementation. It’s time for you to finally enjoy the energy and body you’ve always wanted—beyond diet and exercise! It really is Obtainable!

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