Frederick Brabson: If The Shoe Fits

Timeless truths, modern-day parables!

Around the world, eager listeners sit patiently at the feet of countless pastors, evangelists, Bible teachers, and parents expounding biblical doctrines and spiritual truths. Unfortunately for most of us, we forget a lot more than we retain. Few listeners, however, forget a good story.

If the Shoe Fits is all about learning valuable lessons through pictures painted by those who use modern-day parables in their teaching. Every lesson taught using this collection of narratives gives the listener invaluable spiritual insight for daily Christian living. If the Shoe Fits is an excellent resource for pastors, evangelists, Bible teachers, conference speakers, seminary students, parents, and anyone who desires to retain and/or share valuable, spiritual lessons packaged in a simple story.

Whether you are struggling to find the perfect anecdote to drive home a sermon's theme or Bible lesson or simply to share spiritual truth with a family member or friend, you will find both humor and inspiration in the pages of If the Shoe Fits.

Vanderbilt Brabson III was born in Knoxville and graduated from the University of Tennessee. A conference speaker, Vanderbilt is one of the featured writers in Ordinary People Magazine. If the Shoe Fits is his third book.

Frederick E. Brabson Sr., a graduate of Johnson University Bible College, has more than thirty years of preaching, Bible teaching, and conference speaking experience. He has served as Senior Pastor of New Covenant Baptist Church for twenty-five years. He is also founder of Relevant Word Ministries, the television outreach ministry of his church. Frederick has been married to his wife, Delores, for 41 years, and they have two sons, Frederick II and Nicholas.

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