Gabrielle Bosche: The Millennial Entrepreneur: Side-Hustlers, Startups and Disrupters Restarting America

If you think Millennials are changing the workforce now, get ready for when they run it.


What’s In This Book . . .


  • Why 67% of Millennials plan on starting their own company
  • Why starting a company in your twenties is an awesome idea
  • How to find the best funding, write business plans that don't suck and build your team right
  • Hear the best advice rockstar entrepreneurs ever received and learn how to avoid pitfalls that can kill your company

What people are saying . . .


“This should be required reading for young entrepreneurs and everyone who needs to understand them better."
- John Zogby, Founder of Zogby Poll, New York Times Bestselling Author


“This country needs more entrepreneurs. Gabrielle inspires a new generation of startups to pursue their dreams by outlining the need for economic opportunity, freer markets and civic involvement. Even non-Millennials need to read this book!”
- Jay Richards, Ph.D., Executive Editor of The Stream, New York Times Bestselling Author


“This book will inspire a generation of creative problem solvers to define - and shape - their own dream jobs.
- Gloria Larson, President of Bentley University 


“It is a must for twenty-something innovators ready to make an impact."
- Sam Caucci, CEO of Sales Huddle Group

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