George Barna: The Day Christians Changed America

How Conservative Christians Put Trump in the White and Redirected America's Future. In this behind-the-scenes, data-based narrative about the 2016 presidential election by George Barna you'll learn: Why Donald Trump's support from conservative Christians rose from 10% to over 90% in less than a year. The importance of conservative churches and parachurch ministries in mobilizing the conservative Christian vote. How evangelicals' support for Trump compared to the backing they gave to previous GOP candidates. Which Christian leaders and organizations made a noteworthy difference in the election - and how they did it The role of technology in an election that placed less emphasis on grassroots campaigning lessons for future elections in our increasingly polarized society George Barna, a pollster for four decades with experience at all levels of political battle, interviewed more than 50,000 interviews during the course of the campaign season. An award-winning and bestselling author of more than 50 books, he provides a bird's-eye view of how the electorate - and especially our communities of faith - engaged with the candidates in the most contentious election in modern history. It's a story based on the facts, from reliable research. And it's a narrative you won't get from the media.

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