Gerard Lameiro Ph.D.: More Great News for America: The Dawning of the New Conservative Era

There's More Great News for America coming! Dr. Lameiro's vision for America is enthusiastic and energetic, optimistic and bright. According to Dr. Lameiro, it's an exciting and hope-filled time to be alive. America has entered a new Conservative Era. We will literally see the rebirth of morality in government and across America; a return to more individual freedom; peace with other nations and peace within America; and a level of economic prosperity greater than ever before seen in the world.

More Great News for America builds on the optimistic vision and positive message of Dr. Lameiro's prescient 2016 book, Great News for America. It updates where America stands using both Dr. Lameiro's long-range presidential election models (that span about 24 - 36 years) and his short-range election models (that span about 2 - 8 years). It includes his latest dynamic electoral models (that cover about 1 - 24 months) as well. This book avoids the jargon of specialists and the nitty-gritty of mathematicians and statisticians, preferring to speak in direct, straight-forward, and common sense language to the Dr. Lameiro's readers and TV and Talk Radio show listeners. No math or statistics are needed to read this book.

More Great News for America makes eight new, bold, and powerful predictions about the political parties and their future viability; the actual upcoming Congressional elections; the makeup of the new House of Representatives and Senate; and achieving or not achieving the Trump agenda. It also looks ahead to the upcoming presidential election with an early forecast.

More Great News for America also explains how and why the good guys win in the end, and forecasts four major, highly significant and truly profound, religious and cultural trends of the coming new Conservative Era: the Return to Faith in God, the Renaissance of Reason, the Restoration of Education, and the Rebirth of Morality, Freedom, Peace, and Prosperity.

This book explains the differences between, and the relationship among polls, models, trends, predictions, and forecasts without boring readers with any complex mathematical and statistical details. It answers the compelling questions why the polls were so wrong and misleading in the 2016 presidential election, and why Dr. Lameiro's models, trends, predictions, and forecasts were so accurate. Fortunately for readers, the answers are plain and simple and don't require rocket science to explain or to understand.

This book also leads readers through stunning potential Democratic Party political realignments and answers questions such as: will the Democratic Party be a minority party for a generation, or will the Democratic Party even survive in the future?

This book addresses questions about the future of the Republican Party as well such as: for example, will the Republican Party split into two new parties - the Conservative Party and the Republican Progressive Party?

More Great News for America goes on discuss what will happen with America's top political issues including: the end of Obamacare and healthcare, the economy and economic growth, immigration laws, DACA, building a secure border fence, and sanctuary cities.

Plus, this book addresses the upcoming Congressional elections for both the House of Representatives and the Senate and even provides an early forecast for the next presidential election. This book deals with questions on the minds of many readers such as: will the Republican Party continue to control the House and the Senate?

More Great News for America concludes that America's future is enthusiastic and energetic, optimistic and bright.

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