Jack Owens: Watchman

President Kennedy was brazenly shot to pieces in Dallas, November 22, 1963, in front of his Secret Service protectors and hundreds of witnesses. Who murdered Kennedy and why? Who helped cover it up? Former FBI agent Jack Owens says his book is fiction, but is it really? As this chilling story unfolds, there is a conspiracy by American civilian and military intelligence to assassinate the 35th president, a treason puzzler with intrigue, action and a rich seam of characters, including J. Edgar Hoover, a heroic FBI agent who uncovers the conspiracy, the gunmen who pulled the triggers, and Soviet military intelligence officers who knew the Americans were going to destroy their president in Dallas, knew because the Red Army had a spy at the throat of military intelligence in the Pentagon. As an agent in the corridors of the FBI for thirty years, Owens found enough shadows to fashion this novel.

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