Jack Taylor: “Word, Spirit Power”

This is a timely message of balance for the Church from three ministry leaders with 170 years of combined ministry experience.  A pattern over the years has quietly evolved and has greatly limited the effectiveness of our faith which is not what God would want for us.

Some would think that it's all about God's Word and others believe it's all about the Holy Spirit.  When we prize the Word over the Spirit or the Spirit over the Word, we miss an element central to our faith.  Fact is we need both the Word and Spirit to live as "overcomers" and to access the power available to us to draw a lost world to His Son.

We spent some time with Jack Taylor whose contribution to the book was on the Spirit.  Jack's ministry spans over 54 years during which he witnessed various moves of God in revival.  His life has been punctuate by encounters with the Holy Spirit that have changed his life and ministry.

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