James Hufferd: Colonel Crystal’s Parallel Universe

The books fictional protagonist, Colonel Alva A. Crystal, U.S.A.F (ret.), points out and argues in some detail that ubiquitous overseas intervention by the U.S. military in the past few decades, not only stifles American economic competitiveness and viability, but has done far more harm than good to both America’s image and global stability. The outstanding result is that the United States is viewed worldwide not implausibly as the most dangerous country and the leading obstacle to world peace and prosperity. Col. Alva Crystal, a troubled and sympathetic flesh-and-blood character and something of a scholar, desperately heralds a return to the defense-only military mission that prevailed in the U. S. during its formative years. Such a return to what Colonel Crystal refers to and touts as a Benevolent Military would, he claims, effectively serve to address and repair much of what plainly has gone haywire with this country since 9/11

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