James Merritt: Character Still Counts: It Is Time to Restore Our Lasting Values

“I don’t know of a more important topic now than this, and I don’t know anyone more qualified to speak on it than James Merritt.”

—Rick Warren, New York Times bestselling author, The Purpose Driven Life

You Can Develop Attributes for Authentic Living

How often are we more concerned with our outward image than with our inner qualities? Your reputation is what others think is true about you, but your character is who you are on the inside. And in the end, it’s your character that counts.


If you long to invest your life in what matters most—the content of your character—join bestselling author James Merritt as he looks at 12 traits that are an essential part of godly living. As you discover from role models in the Bible, good character is built brick by brick, thought by thought, action by action, and habit by habit on a daily basis. In this book you’ll find the keys to growing in…


  • integrity                    
  • humility                      
  • respect                       
  • forgiveness                 
  • perseverance             
  • self-control                 
  • honesty
  • loyalty
  • authenticity
  • courage
  • generosity
  • faithfulness


Learn how to build up God’s kind of character qualities and live a life of authenticity. Let the past examples in Scripture inspire you today as you live out this truth: Character still counts, and it always will.

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