James Ward: Zero Victim, Overcoming Injustice With A New Attitude

As the nation watched the protests, riots, and civil unrest unfold during the summer of 2020, pastor James E. Ward, Jr.'s seminal message, Zero Victim, was heard from coast-to-coast on local airwaves to CNN. On national live television, he called for America to address a "spiritual and moral law" crisis to heal and reconcile the country. He warned Americans to push away victimhood identities and develop a new attitude in Christ. The Zero Victim message is one that James has been preaching, teaching, and writing about for years. Today, his message takes on new meaning for a generation of Americans who are hurting and seeking real and lasting change in our culture. His words will set you free from fear, anxiety, depression, and discouragement. Zero Victim: Overcoming Injustice With a New Attitude is the answer our culture needs to better understand and deal with social justice issues.

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