Janet Eckles: Now I See: How God’s Amazing Grace Transforms Betrayal, Blindness and Heartache to Shining Joy

Tired of the gloom around you and the constant fear and anxiety? Life simply has become too much.

During sleepless nights, you want to shout: Is there someone out there who can show me, not tell me, but show me the way out of this emotional mess?

The answer is, yes, there is!

In the gripping memoir, Now I See, you truly see the undeniable proof of a life crushed by unthinkable tragedy but lifted to glorious triumph through the beauty of God's Grace.

As you glide through the chapters, you're entertained and uplifted as you discover:

  • Depression or despair are no match to God's healing power.
  • Tragic changes, even blindness cannot hold you down.
  • Infidelity and end of marriage cannot steal your purpose.
  • The tragic death of your child doesn't have to trap you in sorrow.
  • Financial ruin cannot prevent the abundance Jesus promised.
  • God is greater than all your troubles put together.

Each of these first-hand experiences are described with heart-warming and intimate details in the pages of Now I See. As you get lost in the story, you realize that you can follow the same simple steps to rise above. And, that same victory can be yours too! Your thinking changes. Peace comes back and no matter the storms you face, new freedom dawns.

Your fresh beginning of the new, victorious 'you' starts when you open your copy of Now, I See: How God's Grace transforms Betrayal, Blindness and Heartache to Shining Joy.

What others are saying:

"This captivating journey from tragedy to triumph through perseverance and deep faith in God will stir your heart and transform how you navigate life's trials. Unthinkable challenges and unexpected adversities," said Jason Noble, pastor and motivational speaker featured in the Twentieth Century Fox film Breakthrough and on the marketing team for the Kingdom Story film Jesus Revolution.

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