Jim Allsup & Mary Dale Walters: Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance: Getting It Right The First Time

Are you struggling to work due to a severe disability? Thinking about applying for Social Security disability benefits? Every year, thousands of eligible workers just like you apply for Social Security Disability Insurance on their own. They get trapped in the complex program, endure months of lengthy appeals and/or are denied benefits. Wouldn’t you rather join the 300,000 successful SSDI recipients Allsup has helped?
Easier, Quicker Path to SSDI Benefits
Learn from a former Social Security Administration professional and his team of disability advocates how to apply for SSDI and get it right the first time. There is an easier way to learn your likelihood of receiving benefits, and instantly access tips and answers to your questions. You can get through the SSDI process more quickly—and receive the vital benefits you deserve and paid for during your working career.

Want to Go Back to Work Again?
Learn more about an important benefit of SSDI: You don’t have to give up on working again. There’s a little known advantage of applying for SSDI benefits that tens of thousands of workers miss out on every year. Discover the dual track of receiving SSDI while also ensuring your best chances of successfully returning to work one day. You can.
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