Joe Jackson: Championship Sunday: An Uncommon Pursuit of a Dream

From his earliest memories, Joe Jackson dreamed of playing in the National Football League and being somebody great-a champion. But growing up in a family of seven in a Cincinnati suburb during the turbulent times of the 1960s didn't look promising. It took hard work, discipline, and good coaching to become a champion in the world's eyes in the NFL. But the most significant change didn't take place on a football field, but in his heart when he gave his life to Jesus Christ. Only then did his dream of playing in the NFL and the Super Bowl become a reality.

In the pages of this fascinating biographical account, Joe Jackson recounts how he tackled challenge after challenge in life, and reveals how football opened the door to a place where the giants of fear and a low sense of self-esteem roamed freely.


InΒ Championship Sunday, Joe shares an uncut version of his life story and reveals that true champions are never satisfied with titles won on a particular day, but it's the battles we win as a believer that matter the most as we walk out our own salvation with fear and trembling. His story encourages everyone to push past their fear and insecurity to become the champion that is hidden inside.

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