Joe Kissack: The Fourth Fisherman

In the novel, The Fourth Fisherman, Joe Kissack tells the story of how three stranded fishermen at sea and a Hollywood executive drifting aimlessly in his life collide and find a common lifesaver. How fishermen from a Mexican village set out on a normal day to do their jobs, while Kissack reaches the pinnacle of his career and appears to be living the American dream.

What the men didn’t see was a storm brewing on the sea for the fishermen, and another in the heart of Kissack. The fishermen’s boat ends up adrift on the vast Pacific Ocean for nine months and 5,500 miles with their only hope a tattered Bible.

Meantime, Kissack’s life implodes leaving a shattered, broken man struggling with addictions and alienated from his wife and daughters. His lifeline also turns out to be the Bible and his search to meet the rescued fishermen who change his life.

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