Joe Sikorra: Defying Gravity: How Choosing Joy Lifted My Family from Death to Life

This is the powerful, moving story, of a contemporary family’s hopes and dreams that were shattered after suddenly being catapulted into a nightmare, and how they responded to it. It is told by the family’s father, a popular Catholic radio host and marriage counselor, and how he and his wife dealt with the revelation that their two young children have a rare, neurological and fatal disease. Initially seeming they had been given a death sentence, this is not a story of death, dying, or tragedy, but rather one of hope, love and laughter, found in the midst of incredible struggle - an outcome Sikorra says that only a loving, merciful God could provide. He helps all families or individuals facing difficult and unexpected challenges see how they can deepen their faith and connection with what really matters. And that God gives us all we need to even flourish in the midst of adversity. This inspiring story reveals how we discover who we really are and what’s really important when presented with the opportunity to lay down our lives in service to others. Though the Sikorras would gladly have died in place of their children, what God asked is that they live for them, love them with reckless abandon, and give their plans over to Him. In doing so they discovered their true selves, and God’s magnificent plan for all who choose to listen to his call. While they tried to run and hide from the disaster that had befallen them, he says that mercy and goodness kept pursuing them. In the midst of the battles we all have to fight, the Sikorras show us that God has a plan for each of us to overcome them with joy so that we also will be “lifted from death to life.”

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