Joe Six Pack: Socialism Sucks …Your Money From Your Pocket

Imagine working hard to earn or achieve something, then after you get it, you’re told you must give some or all of it away in the name of fairness. That principle is at the heart of Socialism – and it sucks! The only wicked people who benefit are the ones who take from achievers and give to deadbeats. They also have a much larger and darker plan. They are not interested in fairness at all. They want to steal in the name of fairness, then control you because what they really want is wealth and power without working for it honestly. They will also lie at every turn to get that wealth and power. As a young man or woman, you are going to enter the real world and have Socialists posing as teachers and professors who want to brainwash you into believing Socialism doesn’t suck – don’t believe them! Maybe you’re a parent who is concerned about the future of your child. Socialism Sucks is the perfect remedy. Instead of listening to Socialists, your son or daughter needs common sense.

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