Joey Wells: Through My Eyes

Through My Eyes Verse 8.8.08 is a book of poems of the ups and downs, opinions and future thoughts of the story of my life from womb to the tomb.

Verse 8.8.08 symbolizes my twenty-first birthday. There are twenty-one poems, and each poem has a picture. Why I wrote the book: The reasoning behind writing the book is that I feel my people need a voice. I am not just talking about people with disabilities. I am talking about everybody that wants to better themselves, accomplish their goals, and to capture their dreams

I have been through many near death experiences. I lost people that I care about. I have challenges with daily activities. I have my good days and my bad days. But no matter what difficulty arises, I know there is a way to get through it and benefit from the moment. If you have the desire, you can do anything. But you must know that you can't expect anything to happen overnight. If you work and work at it, you will eventually get to be where you want to be. With this book, I am one step closer to being where I want to be, making a difference for my people and taking care of my family.

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