John Chambers: The Constitution of the United States: A Study Guide

After completing this book, you'll have read and understood the entire U.S. Constitution! This is a study guide for a high school course in the U.S. Constitution. Throughout it are Exercises, some you can do alone but others are designed for classroom participation. The first chapters (or "lessons" if you will) familiarize the student with the purpose of, and a brief history of, governments. The remaining lessons are a reading of the Constitution itself. To understand the Constitution, one must understand differing ideas about how and why governments are formed. From John Chambers' point of view, there has been one basic controversy which existed before the Constitution was written, was debated hotly while it was being adopted, has plagued it from the beginning, and is still with us today. Political battles in the press, on talk radio and on TV still center on this controversy. You feel the effects of it today (which is probably why you feel the need to understand our Constitution better). You are trying to solve that controversy.

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