John Marriott: The Anatomy of Deconversion

Believers are abandoning faith. But why?Atheism is on the rise. What, if anything, can be done to prevent this trend? The Anatomy of Deconversion goes to the source of these issues and gives readers a broad picture of the deconversion

process. Learn why believers lose their faith, and, perhaps more importantly, discover why so many former Christians claim to be happier, freer, and more fulfilled as unbelievers than they were as Christians. No one fully escapes the pitfalls in life that create a faith crisis. However, learning to navigate these times of crisis is the key to developing a grounded, flourishing faith.

Based on data gleaned from first person interviews and written narratives, The Anatomy of Deconversion uncovers the reasons, processes, and impacts of deconverting from Christianity. Unlike other books that address the topic of deconversion from a purely theological perspective, The Anatomy of Deconversion takes a multidisciplinary approach. In doing so, it provides the only comprehensive account of deconversion available today.

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