John McTernan: As America Has Done to Israel

God s everlasting promise to bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse Israel is still in effect today.Β  Throughout its history, America has been in a unique position to bless the Jewish people, and has experienced many blessings as a result.Β  In more recent years, however, America has failed to consistently stand by Israel and suffered dramatic disasters.

In this interesting and thorough book, McTernan traces the history of the Jewish people in America and how America s spectacular rise to power was tied to blessing the Jews.Β  He examines America s integral role in fulfilling God s plan for the rebirth of the Jewish nation, and details the times when our nation defaulted on this call.Β  Through a step-by-step analysis of political events, McTernan gives conclusive proof that God s judgment on those who curse Israel is still active.Β  In every case where America has failed Israel, it has faced dramatic consequences within 24 hours.

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