John Telman: The Book of Easy Answers: For the Questions You Wish You Didn’t Have to Ask

Troubles and difficulties are inevitable. No one is exempt from pain. Answers are not only sought to relieve pain but to provide a reason for the existence of the problem. The answer to any given trouble is often not quickly found no matter how hard one looks.

This book is written from the perspective of God's loving desire to answer our many questions. Personal experiences, scriptural directives, and the testimonies of those who have lived and received God's answers are presented for the seeker.

The Book of Easy Answers will promote hope and will bring welcome encouragement because the answers come from a loving God.


This is a very relevant and important message to anyone who has ever grappled with real issues and deep questions of life. If you have pain, problems, and pathos, John and Kerry offer powerful and profound words of wisdom and a transformational message of help, healing, and hope for your hurts. In a heart-hitting and courageous way, they expertly yet compassionately tackle the toughest questions we can have as human creatures with their incisive reason derived from their grounded faith and years of experience in the ministry trenches. We need to develop a simple yet consistent faith, a yielded obedient attitude, and a humble but willing heart amid our agony, fear, and doubt. This excellent book will comfort your heart, challenge your mind, convict your attitudes, stretch your faith, and inspire your soul.

Jared Pingleton, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist and Minister,, Author of Making Magnificent Marriages and Editor and Co-Author of The Care and Counsel BibleThe Struggle is Real: How to Care for Mental and Relational Needs in the Church, and five other books.

John Telman and Kerry Pocha take a practical and thoroughly Biblical approach in responding to some of the most vexing questions that humans have had since Adam and Eve vacated Eden. Life’s great questions certainly invite complex answers and yet, in mining, God’s word the authors help us see that by focusing on what we know of God and His ways, we can trust the unknown to a God who has made Himself and His will known. Both authors share their rich experience of walking with God through difficulty and complexity, leaving the reader encouraged and inspired. This is a book I’d recommend to anyone who is asking difficult questions.

Rev. Marvin Wojda, Pastor, Elim Church in Saskatoon, SK. Canada.

John Telman and Kerry Pocha, have admirably written an up-to-date piece of work that carefully answers human dilemmas when trouble hits. The scriptural presentations in the book are coupled with real-life stories. This masterly work is a must-read for everyone.

Pastor Moffat Phiri, International speaker, Founder, and Senior Pastor of the Victory Christian Temple Church. Northern Malawi.


John Telman is a pastor and educator with 26 years of experience. These years include ministry in Canada, the USA, and Singapore. He and his wife, Carole, are authors and adjunct professors at a number of Christian Colleges.

Kerry Pocha has served God by helping children and troubled youth for over 25 years throughout Canada and in the East Kootenays of British Columbia where he eagerly seeks God’s next adventure with his wife, Shawndelle, and daughter, Robyn.

John and Kerry are true friends and value each other’s ability to communicate God’s Word.

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