Julie Lavender: Children’s Bible Stories for Bedtime: To Grow in Faith and Love 

Kids can wind down with inspiring childrens Bible stories and connect with God at bedtime.

With this collection of childrens first Bible stories, parents and kids can calmly end the day together in the comfort of God’s presence and peace. These favorites of key biblical figures and their ancient adventures inspire young curious minds to build a relationship with God and ponder about His never-ending love.  


Whether your child reads kids Bible storybooks aloud or simply listens, the practice of reading at bedtime will remind your child that God is always with them—from morning until night, and even while they sleep.  


Childrens Bible Stories for Bedtime features:  

   Essential stories from both the Old and New Testaments that are written and interpreted for biblical accuracy and age appropriateness for kids 4–8 

   Brief reflections at the end of each story to help kids understand God’s Word as it relates to them personally  

   Prayers that encourage kids to speak openly and build a relationship with God  

   Beautiful, full-page illustrations for each story to help children visualize and immerse themselves in God’s Word

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