Justin Thomas: Become A Provider

Ready to learn what it means to be a provider?One routine Monday in March 2017, Justin Thomas got the phone call everyone dreads: his father had passed away suddenly. A young father himself at the helm of a thriving startup, Justin had to find his place in a world without his model provider. Inspired by the legacy his father had left behind, Justin set out to train other men to bless and protect the people in their lives. What he learned along the way, however, forced him to take a hard look at his own life. Was he enjoying life the way God intended? He found that blessing and protecting could be broken down into 8 habits that required intentional and regular exercise. Justin’s journey to becoming a provider has been as grueling as his mountain relay races and special forces-inspired ruck challenges—and just as rewarding at the same time. He knows what it is to want to quit and be carried, and he has learned how to carry others in the strength of the ultimate provider, Jesus Christ. Through reflecting on his father’s life, leaving a successful career behind, and almost passing out in crazy endurance events, Justin learned that life is better when you provide for others. All proceeds from the sale of this book go directly to The CL Thomas Fellowship to equip people on their provider journey.

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