Kate Obenshain: Divider in Chief

When Barack Obama ran on a platform of ''hope and change'' four years ago, he promised to unite the country. But as Kate Obenshain reveals in Divider-in Chief, Obama has done exactly the opposite. Rather than seeking common sense, pro-American solutions, he has pursued far-left policies, a radical leftist agenda, and an attitude that's both condescending and dismissive of Main Street America. As a result, America has become a nation of even greater polarization and disillusionment.

In Divider-in-Chief,Obenshain exposes -

  • how Obama pushed for the HHS mandate, forcing people of faith to violate their conscience;
  • how Obama has condoned the actions of Occupy Wall Street, saying, ''You are the reason I ran for office,'' while he vilifies free markets and businessmen across America;
  • how Obama seizes on opportunities to highlight racial discord and then accuses any critic of being ''a racist'';Β  and
  • that, although Obama ran as a champion for the downtrodden, the unemployment rate is disproportionately high among minorities and women

Obenshain paints a picture of a president who promotes class warfare, aggravating racial, gender, and economic differences in order to advance his ideological agenda. Searing and controversial, Divider-in-Chief makes the case that we must defeat Barack Obama before he tears our nation apart.

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