Kathy Branzell: An Invitation to Prayer: Developing a Lifestyle of Intimacy with God

What are you chasing in life? If you seek the five core needs (love, peace, wisdom, happiness, and purpose) in people, possessions, positions of power, or posts on social media, you'll end up bouncing from one empty experience to the next. God is pursuing you, and He offers each of these treasures with an open hand.

An Invitation to PrayerΒ invites you to:

  • begin each week reflecting on God's unchanging nature.
  • receive love, peace, wisdom, happiness, and purpose.
  • speak peace to fear and anxiety and learn to pray from a place of rest.
  • detox unwanted thoughts and behaviors and replace them with helpful habits.
  • be still long enough for God to fully embrace you.

Devote the next ninety days to prayer and develop a lifestyle of intimacy with God. He offers all the treasures you have been searching for.

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