Kent Buck Levis: Coming Clean

Kent Buck Levis: Coming Clean


And yet, you fight the battle all the time. If this is you, or someone you love, I believe these words will provide you with encouragement, comfort, and the challenge of being really honest with yourself every day. It was written during my recovery from my addiction to pornography and provides a daily verse, a paragraph about what that verse meant to me in my recovery, a question, and four Bible verses that speak to the question. God really does want to bring you peace and wholeness.

What others say about Coming Clean (2nd Edition):

As you read Bucks devotional you are being welcomed into an adventure.

In the history of Christian literature, there is one book that has been read more than any other, other than the Bible, and that is John Bunyan’s ‘Pilgrim’s Progress.’ Pilgrim’s Progress has the virtue of being honest. It tells us that life is hard, that there are real spiritual consequences to our decisions and actions, that we need others to make it through this life, that ultimately God is the provider of all the gifts and strength we will need to make it through. Pilgrim’s Progress is raw, biting, truthful, and at times even depressing as it wrestles with all the struggles, disappointments, and pitfalls of this life.

I bring Bunyan’s pilgrim up because that is exactly what comes to mind as I read Buck’s devotional. Honest, hard-hitting, no pretending, no obfuscating reality with sugar-coated prose. Here are the facts of our struggle, we mess up and we need help from God, and pretending otherwise will not get us anywhere. There is the added blessing of real hope in what Buck shares! There is another side that we will breakthrough to if we preserver! There is healing for the soul that is ready to do business with the living God! This is a book of daily reminders of what needs to happen if we decide that we really are ready to get well, to have peace with God, and to move on in our spiritual lives.

Pastor Gary B. White, Senior pastor at Cambria Vineyard Church

The only way a sexually broken man can make real progress is to grow in his relationship with Jesus. That means prayer and assimilation of God’s Word. Buck Levis’s Coming Clean is a great help from men needing to connect with God through Scripture. It provides a short reading from the Bible, thoughts on how to incorporate that into your recovery, and a provocative question for further study and prayer. I recommend it, especially if you’ve had a hard time getting your devotional discipline off the ground.

Russell Willingham, New Creation Ministries, Creator of the Breaking Free recovery curriculum

This book speaks difficult truths.

We ALL as human beings are flawed, in Biblical language sinful. The behaviors that grow out of this flawed nature often are ruinous and greatly destructive in our lives and the lives of others we hold dear, indeed to ever broader communities.

We cannot by our resources eliminate these flaws, help, and restoration comes only through our creator God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Try as we might with all the resolve we can muster, we cannot cure ourselves.

However, we can come to God for help and receive help without condemnation. This is a continuing process: to admit our helplessness and to as God for help is but the beginning of the restoration process.

Dr. Richard P. Whitehill, Doctor of Psychology, retired professor at University of California San Diego, School of Medicine

About the Author:

W. Kent Levis grew up on a farm in California. He received his B.A. from Fresno State College and his J. D. degree from the University of San Diego School of Law. He gave his life to the Lord in 1977. He retired as a Superior Court Judge from Fresno County in 2008, lives in Cambria, California, and attends the Cambria Vineyard Church. He was widowed in 2016.

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