Kimberly Gauthier: Raw Feeding from A to Z

When I began my research into raw feeding for my dogs, I read books and connected with a few dog owners and holistic veterinarians online who were more than happy to help me on this path.  It was great!  The benefits of raw feeding were too great to ignore and Rodrigo's allergies, ear infections, and digestive issues were begging for something other than commercial dog food.

Then I joined a few raw feeding groups and that's when the love affair ended.

People were pushy, judgmental, angry, and I got kicked out of a few for sharing recipes that were deemed dangerous and asking questions that were against the rules.  This experience shaped Keep the Tail Wagging.

I personally think raw feeding is the best option for all dogs.  But when I climb down from my high horse, I must admit the reality: (1) raw isn't for every dog or every human, (2) I'm not a holistic veterinarian or nutritionist, and (3) I only know my dogs, I can't make judgment calls about other people's dogs.  So I don't.  I just share my experience, respectfully, and hope that my stories help others on their path to learning more about raw feeding and dog nutrition.

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