Leonard Allen: In the Great Stream: Imagining Churches of Christ in the Christian Tradition

Find Your Bearings and Chart a New Path All throughout the modern period, there has been a steady campaign for people to "think for themselves" without tradition's distorting restraint. As a result, many Christians now blindly sip a watered-down faith, marketed as "no creed but the Bible." But, as Leonard Allen shows, we are always traditioning―even if one doesn't believe in tradition. And in this time of theological uncertainty and confusion, that process calls for new intentionality and seriousness. In the Great Stream will show you what the Great Tradition is, and how it can be our ally providing weight, ballast, and bearings to all those who seek to live out-and to hand on-the faith. Discover the vital recoveries that we need to make that draw on classic Christian orthodoxy. These older ways are the key to renewing our hearts and our churches.

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