Lisa Conyers: Work & Happiness: The Human Cost of Welfare

Why is the welfare system failing to work for so many people? This book examines the problems with the current welfare system and proposes reforms to create a smarter, smaller system that helps people improve their lives through rewarding work.


  • Presents a unique analysis of America's welfare programs and uses real-life examples to show how the current system forces enrollees to stay underemployed or unemployed
  • Offers a well-researched perspective on the relationship between work and happiness and why work is necessary for a happy life
  • Presents a new angle on welfare's shortcomings by focusing on the opinions of more than 100 welfare beneficiaries
  • Provides a variety of recommendations for welfare reform, such as creating wage subsidies for low-income workers, increasing apprenticeships, privatizing welfare, and fixing the Earned Income Tax Credit, among others
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