Lori-Ann Keenan: Things I Only Tell My Friends

By the end of this light hearted, witty book "Things I Only Tell My Friends" you'll feel like you've chatted with your best friend, mentoring you through the stories she tells and the lessons she has learned. The author shares her own powerful and thoughtful discoveries which can be translated and personalized into your life. It's a jam-packed smorgasbord of diverse experiences and nuggets of wisdom about love, life and success, served up in 16 chapters full of practical tips, entertaining stories and laugh out loud humor. 

With her down-to-earth writing style, the author invites you into her life and shows you how she managed a night club at age 18, became a successful entrepreneur at 24, created and ran a multi-million dollar international business by 30 and a philanthropist by 40. 

"Things I Only Tell My Friends" chronicles the authors many applied success strategies, which has enabled her to thrive/grow, achieve success and happiness beyond her wildest dreams. 

Things I only tell my friends provides insight into:

- Discovering and responding to your "And Then It Happened" moments 

- The power of meditation and visualization with a simple step by step process 

- Organizational techniques from arranging a small dinner party to a wedding

- How to hone your intuition and psychic abilities

- How to create a successful business while engaging your customers and staff 

- The secrets to a thrilling, powerful, long lasting marriage

- Challenge yourself through adventure and travel

- Practical tips to spend wisely

- And most of all, how to celebrate life's every day moments

More than just a book on achievement, the Author shows you how to combine your inner resources and natural abilities in a seamless way through real life demonstration so that you can make your dreams an abundant reality.

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